Two Minute Tuesday: Waiting



  1. Candace says

    Thanks For you words of encouragement, I honestly look forward to every Tuesday just to hear what you word is for the day. I dont know why but your spirit always seems to connect with my spirit, its like you know exactly what I need to hear or be enocuraged about. I pray that the Lord continues to use you in Mighty and specail ways that he sees fit and that you will continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge of the Lord. God Bless you and be encouraged knowing that you are touching and helping saving the lives of many women. Your anointing to speak amd communicate the word of God is so great.

    • Nicki says

      Candace your comment blessed me so much. I’m grateful God joins our hearts together. Thank you for your powerful prayer.

  2. kelsey says

    I relish Two-Minute Tuesdays! Thank you, Nikki! I love that it feels like a good friend sharing over coffee every time you post. Thank you for being a blessing in my life! We have been pushing pause for a long time in our life and I appreciate the reminder that it does not mean that the world and God’s spiritual kingdom have stopped, but that we have been asked to stop while He is at work in our lives.

    • Nicki says

      Hi Kelsey! Thank you for your kind words. I’m so grateful our computer screens allow us to feel like friends. xoxo :)

    • Nicki says

      Hey sweet lady, thanks for stopping by today! Praying for your situation, He will see you through. Amen, He is faithful! xoxo

  3. luhida Grossmann says

    your word feels like God is directing it to me… My son need to go for an autism test today… and i have been pressing on God for is will in this …and it has been hard to sit sill and wait on his negitave report…. but once again today God remaindes me through your word to wait on him his is in contral …he has always been in controll …

    thank you

  4. Sheila Watson says

    Thank you Nicki, I needed to hear this. I’m in a place where I am struggling to hear from Him. It’s encouraging to know I don’t need to stand still to wait.

  5. Angella Lewis says

    Nicki, you are truly a blessing to me..I always am encouraged by your Two Minute Tuesdays.. The visual you give of Pressing “pause” and waiting confidently knowing that the Almighty is at work all around me is so Powerful!! I’m waiting (pausing) with great confidence and in expectation of the good things He is doing in me and my families life.. God bless you and I pray that you and your family are greatly blessed!

  6. Kathleen says

    Praying that you might get that clear direction from God and find that open door!

  7. Hope says

    Thanks for sharing your heart. I have been in a season of waiting for so long with no answer. I get discouraged, but I know when it’s the right time, He will speak.

  8. Gail says

    Can I just give you a huge Hug and say Thank you! For one your age you are learning so rapidly and it seems to be taking me an older woman so long. After several years I am still in the waiting to something that is not happening, it is not for myself and it is not something that is right, so it just hurts. I have to keep reminding myself that God cares and is always working when I can’t see. I so appreciate this reminder. I pray you are encouraged with all you are going through by knowing that your words encouraged so many others in their “wait”. I love your heart! God bless you!

  9. Tracy says

    Thanks Nikki, I so needed this verse right now. I’ve been in prayer for direction in a couple of serious pathways in my life to go. And I’m pressing Pause and waiting on God.

  10. Mary T says

    Nicki, this verse and your two minutes so touched my heart! It is so hard for me to wait on God sometimes… it depends on the circumstances, but what a beautiful truth is held in this verse, this promise…He’s got it! He has a plan! He will answer us in His perfect time and perfect way! Pressing pause is an act of faith and trust in His great workings in all things! In confidence, i will wait on the Lord! God bless!

  11. Lisa says

    Thanks for being so real and sharing you real life trails so that we too may remain faithful and know that God is with us. Blessings to you.