Two Minute Tuesday: Isaiah 40:31


What about you? Do you feel like the feelings of loneliness are a good prompting for a conversation with God? Share your thoughts on this today in the comments. 


  1. Janine says

    This was inspiring. I am familiar with this verse, too, and Nicki brought it alive for me with Two Minute Tuesday. Thank you. I like thinking of prayer as a conversation with God. We depend on Him to be renewed. Many things can remind us that we need to connect with God: loneliness, weariness, discouragement, sadness, to name a few. I am often reminded of a song. Now, I am thinking of “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” which taught me that I could pray to Jesus about anything. “O, what peace we often forfeit, O, what needless pain we bear, All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer.”

  2. Debi Schuhow says

    Nicki, this is wonderful! The Hebrew word for wait in this verse is qavah which is translated as “waiting with hope”. It’s a verb and is active. Walsh comes from a root word that is translated as “glue” in today’s language. Thus, we are glued to God as we wait with expectant hope is how I look at it.
    Enjoying your 2 minute “vlog”!

  3. Gail says

    Sweet Nicki, you bless my soul so many times, and I just love your heart. You seem to meet this older woman’s heart just where I need it and should have learned By Now….. and I am the one who should be blessing You! Thank you for this, waiting on the Lord is never easy, and yet how much Joy comes from just Being in His presence and calling out His Name! JESUS…. precious Jesus! Hugs to you, and prayers for your week to go better as you lean on Him as you walk in HIS power and love! God bless you as you have blessed me!

  4. Tracy says

    Nicki, I have always loved this verse and pray it over others but this week I so need it for me. What a wonderful way to see it in this new way to stop and make it personal for me. Now I will stop and talk with Him. I so look forward to your Two Minute Tuesday’s.

  5. Melissa says

    Thank you, Nicki. I needed to have a conversation with God today, about my neck pain and dizziness. Your words encouraged me today. God Bless You.

  6. Dawn Witt says

    Nicki, thank you for the reminder that no matter how many times we read a verse, there is always something new and refreshing in the verse. I’ll be tucking that little nugget of information in my brain. Thank you so much and may God bless you.

  7. shelly says

    This is awesome! What a great first response to negative overwhelming feelings! Tell myself it’s just God asking me for a little of my time and attention to be paid to him. I love it!

  8. Nikki says

    Thank you this is just what I needed but when I had listened to it the first time it overwhelmed me in a good way. Thanks for this amazing reminder.

  9. says

    Nicki, thank you so much for this message! This is one of my favorite passages, because I am so often weary. But I never thought of it as an active calling… To talk with God. Your enthusiasm for what The Lord is saying is something that I strive to have daily. Thank you for being that encouragement.