Two Minute Tuesday: Philippians 3:14

Click here if you can’t see the video from your email subscription today. :)

Friends, I don’t say this very often but thank you for doing life with me on these Two Minute Tuesdays. It’s so much fun to hear your thoughts and experience God with you.


  1. Lawrece says

    I know you are ministering to ladies in the faith but your words and messages are great for anyone. As a man of faith, I am always striving to get closer to the LORD and serve Him willingly and profoundly. I receive insights from people like you which include Beth Moore, Renee Swope, Gwen Smith etc. Thank you, and God bless you as you continued to reach others with your wonderful messages from the LORD…

    • Nicki says

      Hi Lawrece,

      I welcome EVERYONE to this blog! So glad to have a few male readers out there. :) Thank you for speaking these kind words. They blessed me more than you know!

  2. Julia says

    And I so needed to hear this! Thank you Nicki Koziarz for your daughter’s inspiration today…(and every day I am sure!) Prayers and hugs to you and your family!

    • Nicki says

      Oh she’s not always so “inspirational”…ha ha. :) Grateful God spoke to you Julia!

  3. CANDACE says

    Thanks for the word of encouragement, there are some things I’ve been seeking God for lately spiritual things, and it seems like the more I try to seek or go after them the more attacks I’ve been having within myself and battles in my mind but I continue to pray and the more I pray I hear the holy spirit saying to press, press your way , keep going, keep moving forward , dont give up. So this word was for me today and what I needed to hear. May God continue to bless you Nicki.

    • Nicki says

      Yes friend, I hear you. It’s so hard the closer we try to draw to Him. But I believe you are hearing correctly…press on, keep going, keep moving forward. Yes. Words I need to hear too.

  4. Lisa says

    Thanks Nicki, I am feeling stuck and want out. We, as a family, have a prayer circle that we do and it is helping with the family things but as a mom, I forget about me! I need to get unstuck and do things that God has planned for me!! Thank you.

    • Nicki says

      I feel this too Lisa. Praying for you to feel that freedom today. xoxo

  5. Kelsey says

    As always, Nicki, just what I needed to hear! Thank you for being a mouthpiece for the Lord!!

  6. Gail says

    I love how children speak words the Lord wants us to hear. My Grandchildren help me grow closer to my Father in heaven all the time. Thanks for sharing this. I so needed it today! Still growing in Him!

  7. Lisa McDonald says

    Nicki, I just love your blog and Two – minute Tuesdays. You’re such an inspiration to me and i thank you.
    My special friend is my husband. Unfortunately, I’ve never bonded closely with a BFF. I think that’s another reason why my P31 OBS sisters are even more important to me.
    I’m already subscribed and thank you so much for sharing all your friend’s pages with me. I’m loving their talents and can’t wait to enjoy them!
    Have a blessed day and I know that you did well today even though you had a rough start.
    Blessings, Lisa

  8. Karla says

    Hi,Nicki :) I’m from Venezuela!! Today I saw for the first time one of your videos and I’ve to tell you it was a wonderful experience. I mean God talked to me through this passage and what you said gave me strength to keep going. It is graet to have sisters everywhere!! Thank U!!!