Two Minute Tuesday: Good Soil

Well, hello. :) Long time, no see here on this blog.


Here’s today’s Two Minute Tuesday, which is actually four minutes because you know … I’m a little rusty. Glad to be back with you today!


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After you watch the video, here’s a question for you: What kinds of things can we do to make sure our soil is a place where good seed can settle in? Leave a comment and share, I’m excited to hear your input on this.



Summer Story ’15 {Exhale}


The last few days of July linger today. As I expected, Summer is flying past.

Tomorrow I turn the ripe [wink] age of 35. I have all the emotions about turning 35. It feels so … defining. My early 30’s are over and it’s hard to believe how much has happened in these last five years since turning 30.

But I also feel incredibly excited about the years ahead but it’s come from a place of learning to exhale life.

We run hard, we chase dreams, we love God and others, we inhale a lot of life. But my greatest lesson the last 35 years have taught me is the need to let life … exhale.

This week we are at the beach.

I love so many things about the beach but my favorite thing to do this year has been to ride this bike up and down the streets of this island. I’ve literally felt my body exhaling while riding it. It’s the most peaceful, unplugged place I’ve let myself go to in a long time.


Summer is a perfect time to create some space to exhale. But today I’m seeing the need to be more intentional with exhaling throughout the entire year.

Because the fruit of exhaling is life-giving …

This marriage a counselor once told us had every odd against us to survive has found a rhythm of grace. Because we are learning to exhale the imperfect life we constantly fight trying to live.

These three girls are growing through challenges because I’ve learned to exhale the need to raise perfect children. Five years ago I would have deleted this attempt for a family picture.

Today it’s a reminder of what life looks like exhaled.


The #FixerUpperFarm has stayed a fixer upper because I’ve exhaled the need to accomplish a lifetime of work in a year’s time. And I’m perfectly okay with that {most days.}

Life exhaled is a beautiful place.

A place I want our Summer Story to linger just a little longer …




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Summer Projects (Summer Story ’15!)

It’s NOT Thursday! It’s Friday. BUT … all morning I thought it was Thursday.

Which means its time for #SummerStory15 posts and pictures! I’ve loved scrolling through Instagram and seeing your simple summer moments that are creating your summer story.

But before we get started, I apologize for not announcing the winner of last week’s giveaway on Tuesday. Life is moving at a warping speed and this book deadline is sneaking up on me.

Book update … just crossed over the 35,000 word point! Whoo hoo! #celebrateeverystepΒ 

Somedays, somethings just have to give. And I know y’all would not want me to skip feeding my family or sleeping [I’d be SO mean, so mean …] to write a blog post or create a video. Thanks for your grace during this season!

But real quick, the winners are:

Becky from Little Loud Life!

Debbie Williams!

And … from Twitter: @sherritq, Sherri!

I’ll be in touch soon ladies. Thanks everyone for entering!

I thought today for my Summer Story ’15 post, I’d share a project that I feel like we have literally been working a year on. It’s the project that has seemed to never end but it’s made some MAJOR progress.

Our backyard!

When we first looked at buying the Fixer Upper Farm [last summer] I’ll never forget my parents face when we brought them out to see this property. Especially the back yard. They were a little disgusted by the sights AND smells back there.

I gave them the “visionary” tour but still … they were like

The pool had sat unused for, Lord knows how many years. It was all kinds of nasty. A family of frogs and snakes had taken up residence. Bugs were everywhere. And it was not a place I’d want to sit and take a breather.

Here’s the proof:


We fixed the pool right away, rebuilt the fence and had that building torn down. But the rest of the yard pretty much stayed put until December.

There were several reasons …

1. We didn’t really have the funds to redo the back yard. We needed to have the barn built and that was pretty costly.

2. I had NO idea what to do with this area.


But for Christmas we received some money for the Fixer Upper Farm so we decided to start this massive project. But we had a TINY budget guys … and so we had to be very resourceful.

We started with building the fence around the pool pump area. Trying to come up with something to cover up a pool pump is challenging. Goodness.

So, this was our solution.


Still ugly. So ugly … but progress.


In the spring we started to try and make some plans.

The orange, veranda-patio-whatever-you-want-to-call-it was such an eye sore. And it really doesn’t fit a “farm”. We had talked about painting it, but I wasn’t sure it would look right. We could not afford to put stone over it. And honestly, I just wanted to knock the thing down but Kris was less than thrilled about that idea.

So I searched and searched for ideas on what we could do but nothing seemed to fit.

Then one afternoon, the idea just came! Cover it with BRICKS.

And do we have some bricks out here! Good grief. I think there are thousands spread across the property. So we started to collect them and then began the slowest moving project we’ve ever done.



I really wasn’t sure we’d ever finish it.

But summer rolled in, the weather was nice and my husband had a little more time to work on it.


And then one day, we finally had an after:


FullSizeRender-17 copy 2




FullSizeRender-17 copy


FullSizeRender-17 copy 4


It’s not perfect.

And I’m not even sure it’s really all the way done.

But it’s close. And it’s our favorite place to hang out at night.

And this entire project? Less than $500. That includes the lights, (thank you, Costco!) the letters on the fence, (thank you Hobby Lobby 50% off!) and the plants we got for 75% off at Lowes! We reused everything we could around the property … bricks, stones … wood.

We’ve got plans to build an outdoor brick fireplace, but that will come later … much later according to the husband. [wink]

Summer, I love you.

Alright, I can’t wait to read your posts about what’s been happening so far for your summer! Do you have any summer projects in the works?

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