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when you want to speak life into people

5 Blessings to Speak Over Someone

When you speak a blessing, you are declaring favor and goodness over people and reminding someone who their God is to stir faith in them. 
If faith is stirred through speaking blessings, and faith can change the world, why couldn’t we shift the hearts and perspectives of ourselves and the people we love by deciding to speak blessing over someone each day?

when you want to be challenged to change

40 Days of Pursuing holy in the midst of the hard

Each of our assignments of faith will look different. To some, it’s going to be getting a grip on Truth in a deeper way. For others, it’s going to be getting a grip on our emotions, habits, thought patterns, or words we speak. Because sometimes we need help to get our wheels turning to figure out what to do, I’m so glad you are downloading this free workbook and journal!
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when you want to study the word, together

how to lead your first bible study

 I’ve learned a lot about leading studies over the last decade or so and I thought it might be helpful to put some thoughts into a document for you! So, I hereby ordain you: BIBLE STUDY LEADER.
You don’t need a degree, a fancy house or even the backing of a huge ministry to do ministry. Your home, your office space, your Zoom or Facebook account … it’s all enough to get going and do this thing God is leading you toward.

when you want to practice gratitude

30 days of thanks

As followers of Jesus, we know that every blessing comes from the hand of God. (James 1:7)

But sometimes we just need a friend to help us remember to recognize our blessings. That’s the friend I want to be to you.

when you’re in the in-between place

Process to promise: 3 steps to get from here to there

The place in between the problem and the promise is a gap. From here to there holds a pause. How long the pause is for each of us varies. But there is a rhythm each of us can embrace despite the various differences in our process. 
I created this little challenge for myself, and when I feel the need  to start trying to take control of things, this has helped me so much. It’s based on the acronym G–A–P. Maybe it will help you too.

when you want to learn how to pray psalm 91 protection

see-over prayers

I know if God is prompting you to do something in your city, He will bring someone or some people to do it with you. And together you will be able to declare the goodness of God and watch miraculous things happen and bring the power of the Jesus to wherever you are. But you gotta take the first step.
Flooded Book by Nicki Koziarz

when you’re fighting for your faith

Read the first chapter of flooded

Are you in a place where you have started to question, Do I still believe that nothing is impossible with God? Using the biblical account of Noah, Nicki Koziarz will help you stop negative patterns of thinking, look ahead at what is possible, and replace your doubts with trust. It’s time to truly believe that there is a God who can do the impossible.

when you want to be a woman who doesn’t quit

read the first chapter of 5 habits of a woman who doesn't quit

Have you ever gotten to the place where you just couldn’t take it anymore?
Dreams. Programs. Jobs. Relationships. There are so many different areas where we feel like calling it quits. It’s time for an honest conversation on how not to give in to the temptation to give up.
Nicki Koziarz is a woman who has thrown in the towel a time or two. In fact, she’s quit just about everything in her life. But with God’s help, she’s discovered a few habits that have helped her and others conquer the choice to quit.

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when measuring up leaves you falling behind

Read the first chapter of Why Her?

Nicki Koziarz is confronting the comparison question: Why her? Through two striving sisters in the Bible, Nicki uncovered six truths’ we need to hear when trying to measure up leaves you falling behind.

Someone will always be ahead. But that doesn’t mean you’re behind. Because Truth, like always, will set us free. And free women don’t have to measure up to anybody. Not even her.