Hi, i'm Nicki!

Welcome to my little space on the internet! I’m so glad you found your way here and I can’t wait to get to know you more.

If we are just meeting for the first time I’m a wife, mom, best-selling author, Bible teacher, podcast host and first-generation farmer.

My husband Kris and I purchased a foreclosed farm a few years ago just outside of Charlotte, NC. We are first generation farmers which is just a fancy way of saying we have no idea what we’re doing! But we love figuring it out.

We’ve affectionately named our farm, The Fixer Upper Farm because there’s been lot’s of things to fix and it feels like something is always broken. 

Our farm is filled with horses, Highland cows, donkey’s, pigs, chickens and two dogs, who hardly ever get along. 

I’ve written a few books and studies I’d love to tell you all about under the books section of this site!

Teaching the Bible is a huge passion of mine and I frequently speak at events. I believe we are on the edge of revival with God in our homes, communities, cities, nation and the World. I want to see people whole, confident and becoming all God intended them to become through the power of understanding the Bible.

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which season of transition are you in?

Seasons are significant for so many reasons. Obviously, many places on earth go through four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

But how often do we think about our lives and the personal seasons we are in currently? Probably not until things are messy—we start to feel lost, confused, or shaken and begin to see the signs that a season has changed.

If we made a habit of taking the time to acknowledge where we are every day, it would help us learn to transition well. Daily acknowledgment of where we are would help us stop holding on to the past or fearing the future and learn to embrace our now.

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5 Blessings to speak over someone

When you speak a blessing, you are declaring favor and goodness over people and reminding someone who their God is to stir faith in them.  If faith is stirred through speaking blessings, and faith can change the world, why couldn’t we shift the hearts and perspectives of ourselves and the people we love by deciding to speak blessing over someone each day?