Two Minute Tuesday: Exodus 3:11

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What about you? I’d love for you to leave a comment sharing what it means to have humility. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


  1. Elaine Ledlow says

    As a christian with a working relationship with God I can not help but be humbled, each time he provides something for me to do. I often ask the same question Moses did. There was a time when I would say Oh NO you can’t be talking to me, God. But he was and when we humble ourselves and let the Spirit move us in the direction God directs there is no better feeling in the world!

    • Nicki says

      Oh how I understand what you are saying Elaine. Grateful for God’s divine touch on our doubts.

  2. Evelyn says

    Hey Nicki,
    I have also been reading Exodus recently and while I find the story of Moses very exciting and familiar, I have been asking God what is His message to me through His Word.

    He has revealed it this morning as I listened to you this morning.
    Thanks be to God!

  3. Lindsay says

    I love this post, Nicki! You’re exactly right – we should often ask ourselves, “Who am I” when we feel called by God. Even just being a faithful disciple of His, we should feel that humility in our hearts. How amazing is our God to allow us to choose the right path in glorifying Him! May we do so, as Moses did.

  4. Gail says

    Thank you so much, I love your information and insight. God bless you in your talks to Others. It is always so helpful. I can see why God chooses you. Not saying that to undo the humility you have. Just to encourage you to keep going and studying as you do. It truly touches my heart, and I am much older than you! Thank you, we older ones learn much from you younger ones. God bless you and keep running the race!

    • Nicki says

      Gail, you bless me. From generation to generation…God is using both to speak, encourage and empower. xoxo

  5. Tracy says

    Thank you Nicki for your insights. I have been asking God, “Who am I to co-lead a small group”. He says, “You are my daughter, whom I love very much”. This was a huge step 3 years ago in starting this group and with His leading I have become His faithful follwer and co-leader and trusting I can hear from His Holy Spirit.

  6. Mary T says

    Nicki, thank you for sharing your insight as you looked at a familiar Scripture verse and shared a message that spoke to me today! In my journal today, I thanked God for making for me so many divine appointments to serve others and share His love…for making me to be special in His eyes…but listening now…I felt that perhaps, although all I do is for Him and to bring Him glory, that maybe I wasn’t as humble as I should be. This dose of humility will remind me who I am…a daughter of God only through His great love and His grace! Without Him, I am nothing! Thanks be to God!

  7. Mary T says

    ps. Forgot to say how much I loved your video with the music gently uplifting your message! God bless!

  8. Lizzy Lampi says

    Nicki thank you for this timely message. I have been reading up on the 12 disciples, trying to understand and learn from their journey. How God uses the ordinary to do the extra ordinary. Moses poses to God “Who am I.” The reflection I visualized was an image mirrored back to the disciples, the ordinary. With all my flaws God can use me for his glory, all I have to do is say yes. To see myself as ordinary, humbled on my knees and surrendered into his mighty hands. There is nothing more peaceful than knowing God is in control, I feel I am asked to listen and serve. To help someone on a street corner and tell them God loves them, reading scripture with my husband and sharing our thoughts, to going out as a disaster relief team member…… When He calls, He also provides what I do is not of me but God through me. I find trusting in God is growing my faith. Who am I, just an ordinary gal saying yes to God.

  9. Candace says

    What a powerful message, I love it. I believe with all my heart true humilty is knowing that I am nothing without the Lord and there is nothing I can do without him, just always being in complete dependance and reliance upon him. You really blessed me with this Lord who am I , nothing without you.