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Episode #126 | My Husband Almost Died …


Episode #126 | My Husband Almost Died …




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    Wow, I really needed this today. I have followed Chris’s journey and am glad he is recovering. I am in a season of several family members and very close friends are on hospice. My husband and I say it is like watching a ferris wheel and not knowing who will be getting off next. But God is faithful and this message really hit home today. Manna moments, enough just for today!!! That is so life giving and brings such peace. The hard times are coming but His manna is enough. Thank you for sharing your heart,

  • thank you for this real share!
    I am in Virginia and travel to Raleigh once a week and would be glad to help out sometime if needed.

  • As your Husband was going through a very hard time, my Husband was going through a stem cell transplant for blood cancer! We were in the hospital 4 1/2 weeks!
    As you experienced hardship I can understand what you were feeling! Yes we need to restart 2024! After an emotional rollercoaster as your Husband is getting stronger so is mine!! Thank you Lord!
    Prayers for continued healing!

  • Thank you for sharing this with us. I only knew Chris needed prayers and I prayed mightily for him, his drs, you, your family……and without knowing the specifics, I leaned heavily on knowing God knew every need long before each was identified. I am knowing the reset needs of January 2024 also. I got a call on Jan 1st, that my husband’s sister had been taken by ambulance to the hospital with pneumonia. My husband was in the Keys with one of our sons, & 2 grandsons, on a Sea Base high adventure Scouting trip. They were on a large boat (3 total with 8 Scouts on each) & it was difficult to reach them.My niece was getting an emergency flight home from visiting her mother-in-law out of state, and said she would update me as soon as she could. When that call came to me about 9pm that night, I could only hear the intake of air and what I knew to be sobbing with inability to speak. Saying it out loud was more than she could bear. They told her that her mom might not make it through that night. In the next several hours I packed and began the 5+hr drive to them, just before sun-up. She lived through the night. I got word to my husband and he too got an emergency flight from where they were. By then her bacterial pneumonia had gone sepsis, with organs failing, and even a ventilator wasn’t helping her oxygen levels. Family stayed with her even after her body stopped, about 6:30 that night. We prayed throughout the day, and I prayed as I knew she was meeting her Savior. My husband got there about 8:15. While goodbye is different as the body stops, there is still a precious gift in knowing the soul is with God. We said final goodbyes to the earthly shell of body. The 2 weeks of time helping, talking with family, preparing, then celebrating her amazing life, were ones where we held it together for others. OUR grief came after we returned home and little things triggered the tears until a greater grief was realized. We are both blessed with deep and loving faith, but we needed to seek God and realize God’s touch in every moment of the turmoil. Grief has a way of helping us also find joy…..but that’s a topic for my own writing.

  • Nicki, Thanks for sharing. I empathize with you. We have had to deal with the healthcare system for the last seventeen and one-half years. We have seen suffering and long- range issues but also seen miracles that God had provided. Prayers as you continue your journey!

  • Oh, you poor girl! I am so grateful that your husband is okay – what a relief. May God bless you as you deal with all your own issues and still try to bless all of us.

  • Nicki thank you so much for taking a moment to update us all on the goings on in your life and that of your precious barnyard family inside and out.
    Wow.. that’s all I can say. You are truly amazing to have held it all together and I am grateful for the words you spoke to us all as encouragement.
    So looking forward to your devotional!

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