Episode #68: The Cycle of Doubt


Episode #68: The Cycle of Doubt

You guys are going to LOVE the next few episodes on Lessons From The Farm. I have invited brain expert, Rachel Elmore to join us for a few episodes to teach us about what doubt can do to your brain, it’s fascinating. I’ve been using Rachel’s techniques to break the cycle of doubt over me and it’s working! This stuff is so good.

Rachel is going to be sharing expanded content from the teaching’s she’s doing here on her Instagram account so be sure to follow her @theauthoredtherapist. You will also be able to grab the graphic she mentions in the episode. You can also sign up for her newsletter where she shares all kinds of helpful information. Click here!

One last thing, in this episode I’m share at the end of the show an opportunity for you to join the Spring Into Summer coaching group where we will be focused for five weeks on one health goal. This is going to LIFE CHANGING. So come join us by clicking here to register for the coaching group!



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  • I enjoyed Rachael Elmore’s description of what happens in our brains when we entertain doubts.
    I delve into God’s word daily and envision myself believing the word of God! It is Living word!!

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