Two Minute Tuesday: Don’t Cut Yet

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  1. Candace says

    Thanks, for the word of encouragement. You know the lord had pressed upon my heart about a year ago to start a womens prayer group and during the time I was going through a divorce and I came up with alkot a reasons as to why I felt as though I was not qualified to lead a womens prayer group and I began to shy away from the call for fear of not feeling qualified as well as fear of speaking with my Pastor about it and the more I held back the heavier my heart became. I finally got up enough courage to go an speak with my Pastor about what God had placed on my heart. Anyways to make a long story short I finally started my group about a couple of weeks ago and onlu had two other women show up, we had a awesome time in prayer but after I began to feel really discouraged and question God did you really call me to this, Not that I was expecting a huge turn out from the meeting but I was expecting more women to show up so when that didnt hasppen it left me feeling as though maybe God didnt call me but then shortly after the holy spirit began to speak with me and reconfirm I have called you and the lord begin to remind me about being faithful in the small thing and he will do the increase as long as I remain faithful and dont give up and also not to despise small beginning for better is the end of a thing than its beginning. So again I thank you for the encouragement as well as the spritual insight from the passage of Luke with the barren fig tree, I heard and read the story before but never from that point of view. God Bless you Nicki and I pray his anoiting to increase within you as you continue to allow him to use you.

  2. says

    Thank you for this encouraging message, Nikki. You are a true blessing from God. I love your enthusiasm. I have always loved writing for the Lord, poems, devotionals, Christian articles to glorify Him. I have a new writing position on a Christian site writing my favorite things: devotionals! I am so thankful that I didn’t give up my writing last year when I thought my writing must not be worth reading. Perseverance is a great tool. I love writing for the Lord. I started my own blog, but it hasn’t taken off yet, I’m thinking of quitting that, then I think maybe it will help someone feel closer to the Lord if I keep going–so you gave me hope today to maybe it will work out, too. Thank you, Nikki!

  3. says

    Well, hmmm. This is making me think. Just a year ago I decided to dedicate my time to my dream, to write a book. I’ve been working and writing away and have come to find a few challenges along the way. Just yesterday I decided to enter a writing contest, and as I was beginning to write I came across some old writing of mine. I reread it and determined it’s not so great. So today, just as I waited for your video to load, I’m thinking that maybe I should give up, maybe writing isn’t my thing. And then I watch this video. I have never read this parable or at least I don’t remember it. Perhaps, I sure hope, God is using you to reach me this morning. Regardless, I love your 2 minute Tuesdays Nikki! :)

  4. Gail says

    Thank you once again. It is amazing to me how many times you reach soft spots in my heart. I do not always have time to read all the Good things I want to and have actually deleted many Good emails that I had been given just for the sake of time. But I keep coming back to yours sweet one. Thank you for your heart for God and Others!

  5. Nikki says

    Thank you! Awesome message! Hope and encouragement to try one more time!

  6. Diana Rockwell says

    This was so powerful. I feel that there is so much left for me to do…..

  7. Lisa says

    Amen Sister!!! Thanks for the encouragement – I am on a journey and not gonna give up!