Sinking Waters.


Sinking Waters.

Hey there sweet bloggy friends! I am back from an awesome week at the beach and am refreshed, renewed and ready to go!

While I was away, I had lot’s of time to just sit and think…sometimes a good thing for a girl with a busy mind to do.

One day while I was sitting on the beach, feeling the warm summer breeze all around me, and soaking up some good sunshine, I noticed that their was a crowd drawing near the water. They were all pointing their fingers out in one particular direction.

I then saw two lifeguards jump into the rocky waves and swim towards a man way out in the water. He was frantically waving his hands up and had a gaze of panic upon his face! As we all intensely watched the lifeguards do their best to get to him, the crowd grew bigger and bigger and more fingers were pointing in his direction as he gasped for air and began sinking.

As the guards grabbed hold of him just in the nick of time and swam him towards shore, you could easily see the look of relief upon his face. But you could also tell he was quite embarrassed to have such a crowd watching this incident. As they all exited the water and made their way towards the life-guard stand, the crowd that had drew to watch this event began to applaud.

My little girls were easily amused by this exciting event and joined in the applauding. The Kennyboo shouted to everyone, “He ALMOST drowned people….He almost drowned!” She then looked at me and said in her little southern twang, “He didn’t have his floaties on Mommy….you drown without your floaties.”

“Yes Kennyboo, but he was a big boy and he just got pulled out to far by the water.” I tried to help her make sense of this. But in her wee little mind, it didn’t matter. He was drowning, because he didn’t have his floaties!

I quickly realized that the Lord was speaking to me very intensely through this little situation.

I began to think of all the times I have felt like I was to far out there in the water, and needed someone to come and save me! We all have moments where we have pushed the boundaries to far, said something that was very wrong, had a heart that was ugly or prideful and before we know it, we too could have a crowd around us, pointing their fingers and shouting to other’s “She’s sinking!”

Recently I have come to discover in my personal walk that I can very easily slip into the sinking waters of this world or even to be on the sidelines of the crowd watching someone sink. It’s a fine line to walk every day and just like within moments this man was drowning you and I too can be if we are not careful.

Do I say it or do I let it go? Do I smile or do I give her the look I really want to? Do I stay or do I go? Do I love or do I hate? Do I make new boundaries where God doesn’t put them or do I just work towards the kingdom? Do I give or do I withhold? Do I nurture or do I push aside?

I have a lot coming up in the next few weeks and I’ve been a little nervous/stressed about it all. The Lord reminded through this that I always have “life-guards” by my side…..Jesus, The Holy Spirit and The Father. They all three as one, want the best for me and you! They will constantly pull us out of sinking waters if they must.
But just as life-guards are their to protect the beach, so are they.

However, we must listen….to that deep down conviction. To that gentle nudge on our souls and to that perfect plan that He holds in His hands every day. To the spirit that guides us into all that He has for us. And most importantly to His holy and blameless word, the bible.

“He reached down from on high and took hold of me; He drew me out of the deep waters.”
-Psalm 18:16




  • beautiful….

    & how often are we embarassed when others see us – when all they want is for us to be safe?

    We all need permanent Jesus Floaties! 🙂

  • Yea…I'm so glad you're home – and feeling great! And sharing your heart!

    And so glad you didn't witness an actual drowning on your vacation!

  • I can personally testify to the power of the floaties! Another story on trust is "Daddy I can't" Kris says "yes you can..jump" "Daddy I can't Kennedy holds her nose and covers her eyes and jumps" I know this is going to be the next story 🙂 Love mom

  • Aren't you thankful that God gives us "3" floaties?! One to hold up each arm and one to lean on!

    Glad you had a great vacation and were refreshed in the Lord…Isn't it great that God goes on vacation with us.

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