Episode #103 | A Big Life Update: We’re Adopting!


Episode #103 | A Big Life Update: We’re Adopting!

Happy 2023, my friends!

What a huge update I have for you today.

We decided to record a podcast to make this announcement because it’s something that is so very special and tender to our hearts. In other words, it’s not like an oh … by the way, we’re adopting!

We’ve been walking through this process for five years and we’re finally nearing the end of the process and awaiting our family to be complete.

We’d love for you to listen to this episode and please hold it carefully, this is a vulnerable thing to share all this publicly and while we can’t share a lot of the details, just being able to finally tell you this update is so important to me.

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  • You guys! I am so happy and excited for your family as well as for these three precious boys who will be joining your family.
    This is awesome news and will be so much fun for you all!
    Happy times to come!!!

  • Wow! I’m so excited for y’all and so thankful there are people like you who are there for children in need of a new home. God was clearly there through the process and I’m sure He’ll continue to be there for y’all as the journey continues.🙌🙏

  • What a blessing for those boys. Congratulations to you. Also thanks for being vulnerable and open. May God continue to richly bless your family ❤️🙏🏻

  • These boys are so blessed! I can only imagine how the Lord will flow through their lives because of your love. Praying for your family.

  • Our story of adoption is so similar with divine bizarre out of the blue confirmations and provision. He is so faithful!

  • Loved this episode . Thank you for sharing . God bless you and your family on this journey as your family grows.

  • How exciting! Such a blessing for all of your family!

    A new chapter begins! God bless you!

  • Thank you for sharing. When I saw your announcement, all those questions that you addressed at the end of your podcast had come to my mind. I love hearing how God led you though this, even all the waiting and interruptions were of Him. That’s so easy to lose sight of with our own perspectives. This was very encouraging to me and a great reminder how God is by our side continually and always guiding if we just stay close to Him. Not smooth, not without disruption, but fully blessed.


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