Episode #105 | The Silence In The Now


Episode #105 | The Silence In The Now

What are the places you feel like God is being silent in your life? Whew. It’s time for an honest conversation on this topic as we study Matthew 15:21-26.

In this episode, I mention an assessment for you to take, CLICK here to take it.

After you listen to this episode I’d love for you to share how it was helpful to you during this season of your life. I’d also love to know what your quiz results are. Leave a comment here on the website to share those two things!




  • I thoroughly enjoyed today’s podcast!! I can relate to it, for I am in a new season of my life!

  • Timely teaching. God has given you insight that is valuable. This morning when I opened my phone there was a text from a teen who has moved away. She was asking about the silence she feels from God. I responded after prayer and then the next thing I opened happen to be your email with the link to this episode of your podcast on the very topic she was asking. Yes, I am certain there is an answer from God for her in this message. We each need to be faithful, we each need to be humble, we each need to honor Jesus as the God who is Lord.

  • Dear Nikki,
    Thank you so very much for this timely podcast. I want you to know that I’m praying for you and your precious family (and future family! 😉 ). Please be encouraged and keep clinging to Jesus, He has great things in store for all of you!

  • I don’t listen to podcasts. I just finished “5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit” and LOVED it so I was compelled and curious to listen to today’s episode after the email arrived this morning. Wow! It was delightful! Such a great lesson and encouragement. And I loved hearing the stories of the barnyard babies!
    I am looking forward to your new book, Nicki (and the next episode of Lessons from the Farm)!

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